Massive Push Back on Bullying – Anti-Bullying Program Teams Up With Community Libraries


SEDONA, AZ, November 2022 – In collaboration with Community Libraries the Toley Ranz Foundation 4 Tolerance moves its innovative Stop Bullying Program into safe spaces for children to learn self-empowerment. And there, in those safe, bully-free atmospheres kids and parents, find a go-to place where they can learn how to strengthen self-reliance and stand-up to […]

When Oprah speaks even bullies listen….

When Oprah speaks –     Bullying is an epidemic- From teasing in kindergarten to bullying in school, to domestic violence in families, and then to sexual harassment at work. When Oprah speaks, seemingly everyone listens, myself included. Yet, in all her mastery of delivering a speech, firing up people and creating powerful movements and […]

Preventing Bullying Through Parents Self-Care? LIVE webinar Thursdays 11:00AM MST

Hello Parents and Grandparents- Grab your coffee mug or tea cup, and join me Thursdays at 11:00 AM MST (10am PST / 8am EST) for an information-rich gathering. Our first online gathering (not a recorded webinar), takes place on February 24. Every week we provide answers to the most pressing questions, find solutions to stress-filled […]

Retreat to pampering Your Soul

“When we align with what is, we access the lasting source of peace and contentment.” E. Tolle     Awaken your new You, accept what cannot be changed. Embrace your inner Strength, know that you KNOW. Find the You you’re longing to be; and Stillness of the Soul rewards you with Your reclaimed Energy Power. […]

Women, reclaim your Power

Women, reclaim your Power. Take your Soul on a Sedona Soul Retreat! Step back from rehashing old news; withdraw from anything that is disagreeable, difficult and even disastrous to your emotional well-being. Launch YOUR personal refuge jam-packed with rejuvenating innovative thoughts and actions. Learn to shield your soul balance and your innate knowing from reoccurring […]

Sedona Soul Retreat for YOUR Soul Energy

Visit Sedona for a 3-Day Sedona Soul Retreat! Reclaim YOUR Power! No more “MeToo”! WHY does YOUR soul need a retreat? The simple answer is: replenish your energy, regroup your skills and attitudes to reclaim your YOU! Whether you work in an executive position or struggle with the daily challenges of self-employment, your soul needs […]

Spring Clearing of Your Soul

First Day of Spring! Open wide the windows to your Soul and allow Life’s sunshine to flood your being. Discard dark energies, lingering negativity, and emotional burden. Don’t you feel the urge to clean house? Buy new clothes? Cleanse your energy? Letting go of what has a “don’t feel good” hold on you? Renovate your […]

Switch-on Your Own Power Station

Your Energy is Your Life’s Force- Align Yourself KNOW that You have the control over your Energy; learn to return to basics- Mother Nature’s energy. Energy not only functions as energy field of every living thing, but it also circulates through the earth, through the atmosphere around us and throughout nature. The flow of this […]

In the Age of Bullying from the Top

A Sightseeing Tour of the Soul, determines the root of what ails, leading to manifesting life transforming solutions Are you sick and tired of being blamed for others’ ill behavior? Know that bullying IS abuse; learn to break this cycle. Are you yearning to know how to stand-up for yourself? Need help? I am here […]

Grandmother creates Solution to Kids’ listlessness

Grandmother (79) Turns Her Own Horrendous WWII Experiences into Action – Creates Pioneering Kids’ Program Countering Deprivation of Emotional Well-Being – Instilling Love, Mindfulness, And Respect in Children’s Self & Soul The Memory of Kindness Through the Art of Music During Her Own Dark School Days, Helped This Grandmother to Create a Groundbreaking Method for […]