Switch-on Your Own Power Station

Your Energy is Your Life’s Force-

Align Yourself

KNOW that You have the control over your Energy; learn to return to basics- Mother Nature’s energy.

Energy not only functions as energy field of every living thing, but it also circulates through the earth, through the atmosphere around us and throughout nature.

The flow of this energy connects everything that exists, and you, as a living being, are taking in this energy at every moment.

You are always drawing this life energy into your own energy field, and it is this energy that supports your life, as well as the life of all you seek to heal. Yet, you must first learn to bring a greater measure of the energy into your own energy field.

Once you understand, apply and align yourself with natural laws of energy you will experience transformation in every area of your life beyond that which you have ever dared to imagine.

“Energy is forever moving into form, through form and back into form. This law says that change is all there is. Everything is constantly changing. The results that most often materialize in your life are the images you hold in your mind.”

Additionally, know that also you are able to provide energy healing to your mind, body and soul. And while you equally long for harmonizing feeling, emotional calmness, and spiritual tranquility, you are searching for answers in books and seminars, in webinars and workshops spending too much of the green stuff. Thus, be aware that the answers you are seeking are already within you, within your Self.

All you have to do is open up, be ready to listen, allow yourself to feel, to dig into stillness, and to learn how to use the awesome power of nature’s energy. My vision is to ‘preserve the cross-cultural healing traditions and teachings as we integrate’ them into our own energy well-being.

Native American healing tells us that when there is a disease, an injury or an illness, energy healers generally believe that it is reflected in one’s own energy field.


Therefore, keeping soul balance active and the flow of our own energy intact is vital for physical health. A sudden emotional upheaval can appear at any time in your life leading to an energy imbalance from which emotional or spiritual disturbance originates. Gradually it works its way into the physical realm, manifesting as symptoms in your body. It could also come as a result of a physical injury that happens, which by its nature, interrupts the energy flow in your body.

In essence, balancing your energy and building a strong connection to Nature’s energy, can improve not only your emotional well-being but also your physical strength and stamina.

Return to basics- re-connect to Mother Earth, embrace what nature has to offer, feel the energy and vibration from the beauty you encounter and become one with nature. Your balanced energy flow resonates in nature, and one day the miraculous vortexes in the Red Rocks of Sedona will respond to you with their healing power.

Each of us has a spiritual body, also known as the soul. Energy medicine is intended to heal the soul; the spiritual energy body.

Healing the Soul brings balance to thoughts, harmony to feelings and restoration to the body’s health. Remember, you are a Soul having a human experience.

Energy medicine is the application of energy healing protocols and techniques for the soul utilizing ceremony.

Just as you seek healing and cure from medical or alternative healthcare professionals for physical and mental ailments, you are invited to seek energy healing and other opportunities to heal your soul.

This, in turn, presents the possibility of living a better, happier and more rewarding life.

“In many traditional spiritual, philosophical, and psychological traditions the immortal essence of a person is- the Soul.

Achieving balance of the soul requires focus on the soul’s needs which includes developing soul wisdom, living life with love and give–give-give in service to others as in pay it forward, teach it forward. service it forward.


Doing what you really feel and love to do is the definition of ‘feeding your soul’.

How do I balance my soul?

* Begin with giving yourself beauty create calmness and take care of your SELF!

* Discover your soul’s needs- meet them.

* Initiate living deliberately healing your body, mind and spirit through your recognition of the power of the soul.

* Learn to accept and live with the four seasons,

* Re-connect with childhood memories of climbing a hill, getting grass stains on your Sunday clothing, scooping up armfuls of dried leaves, or crouching on the ground close to an ant hill observing its busy life.

Nature is reliable, it does not let you down, and it soothes and caresses your senses. Open the huge gate and allow natures energy light surge into your being and transcend all that is you.

Live with the Power of Your Energy in charge!