Massive Push Back on Bullying – Anti-Bullying Program Teams Up With Community Libraries


SEDONA, AZ, November 2022 – In collaboration with Community Libraries the Toley Ranz Foundation 4 Tolerance moves its innovative Stop Bullying Program into safe spaces for children to learn self-empowerment. And there, in those safe, bully-free atmospheres kids and parents, find a go-to place where they can learn how to strengthen self-reliance and stand-up to bullying

“Bullying destroys emotional health,” said Anke Otto-Wolf, founder of Toley Ranz. “It seems Schools’ dos and don’ts prevent children from learning and embracing self-belief and self-esteem. Our move into safe spaces not only opens a path to learning productive social skills as well as tolerance values, but it also contributes to thriving communities at large.”

The Toley Ranz Foundation’s anti-bullying programs teach young children lessons of inclusion, diversity, acceptance; learning material includes books, audiobooks, guides, and Toley Ranz, the talking plush toy that represents the inner voice of children. When Toley speaks its ‘psst-psst, listen- you are awesome, great job, i believe in you’, children listen, no matter their learning ability.

Toley Ranz Foundation is presently working in partnership with Camp Verde community library to implement the Toley Ranz Stop Bullying Program at the beginning of the new school year in September.

Anke Otto-Wolf, veteran educator, creator of Toley Ranz and the Foundation, said ‘Reaching the soul of a child is transforming a Life’. Anke has developed several award-winning anti-bullying programs geared to children’s right to live happy and fear free. Anke is an award-winning author and life coach; she lives and works in Sedona, Arizona.