Preventing Bullying Through Parents Self-Care? LIVE webinar Thursdays 11:00AM MST

Hello Parents and Grandparents-

Grab your coffee mug or tea cup, and join me Thursdays at 11:00 AM MST (10am PST / 8am EST) for an information-rich gathering. Our first online gathering (not a recorded webinar), takes place on February 24. Every week we provide answers to the most pressing questions, find solutions to stress-filled situations, and share experiences with experts. Please partcipate and send your Qs to: [email protected]

Have you been ringing your hands? Tried to find answers? Have been frustrated to the hilt? Are truly worried about reaching the end of the rope?

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Anke, your host, is a sought-after award-winning life coach, veteran educator and the creator of the Stop Bullying with Toley Ranz program for home and classrom.

It is no secret!!! Wouldn’t you like to discover how also YOU can relax, find inner peace and harmony? AND- teach your kids how to strengthen their self-belief to ward off bullying? It is no secret!!!