Grandmother creates Solution to Kids’ listlessness

Grandmother (79) Turns Her Own Horrendous WWII Experiences into Action – Creates Pioneering Kids’ Program Countering Deprivation of Emotional Well-Being – Instilling Love, Mindfulness, And Respect in Children’s Self & Soul

The Memory of Kindness Through the Art of Music During Her Own Dark School Days, Helped This Grandmother to Create a Groundbreaking Method for Forward-Thinking Parents to Remain Calm and In Control During Their Kids’ Pandemic- Influenced Rebellious Times.

Anke Otto-Wolf, grandmother of seven, award-winning author and creator of TOLEY RANZ, found the Inspiration to this innovative awesome Children’s program (PreK-4) in the beautiful and brilliant minds of her six graders at an inner-city school in Norfolk Virginia. Poverty stricken kids longed for inner peace, beauty for the soul, and kindness from an adult.

Under Anke’s guidance they grew into successful young people helping to create an after-school activity which developed in today’s TOLEY RANZ Program focusing on the emotional well-being of the very young. Anke was a Nominee for the President’s Service Award; former President Bill Clinton honored Anke for her engagement with at-risk, inner-city kids.

“I connected with the kids and their needs immediately because their soul’s poverty reminded me of my formative years in Germany”, said Anke Otto-Wolf

The passionate teacher she was, Anke’s determination gave the children before her what they needed most: a positive self-image connected with Love for Life, Self-Assurance, and Self-Respect. Together they created a whimsical cartoon character representing their inner most voice of wrong and right, like an inner coach for self-reliance and self-courage.

From whimsical cartoon to lovable plush toy- TOLEY RANZ is a ‘security blanket’ for any youngster. It is the inner confidence that helps uncover how to overcome fear, anxiety, and stress.

A specific plush toy such as Toley Ranz, can influence a child’s emotional development greatly. According to a study recently published on parents.com, “children know that a cuddly toy or doll represents a living being and can associate emotions and feelings to these objects. Playing with these ‘friends’ allows children to explore the complexity of feelings”.

Toley Ranz is the mediator, the go-between, the tool and teaching aid for parents when all else fails in reaching children’s attention

One of the most impactful parts within the entire Toley Ranz program is the “Effective Parent Strategy, SELF-CARE”; it’s an approach to help parents helping their kids to learn how to deal with anger, frustration, sadness and the overwhelming challenges during difficult times.

In a brilliant move, Anke has combined her energy healing teachings as award-winning Shamanic Life Coach with those of children’s needs. Countless parents seek Anke’s advise on how not to reach burn-out or the end of the rope.

“Stillness within is as important for parents as it is for their children,” said Anke Otto-Wolf. “Children react in many cases helplessly, to their parents’ energy disarray- leaving them in emotional turmoil.”

This must be prevented. The Toley Ranz talking plush doll is a parent’s aid and helper and a child’s trusted friend. The program includes a myriad of information manuals, games, books, and videos for home and classroom.