When Oprah speaks even bullies listen….

When Oprah speaks –


Bullying is an epidemic- From teasing in kindergarten to bullying in school, to domestic violence in families, and then to sexual harassment at work.

When Oprah speaks, seemingly everyone listens, myself included. Yet, in all her mastery of delivering a speech, firing up people and creating powerful movements and the like, I am missing something.

It’s a certain emptiness I am feeling. What now? What are we to do now? Do we just donate now and see what happens? I can’t sit and wait. I KNOW that action is required by each and every one of us!

It’s brilliant and so very much needed, and the fifteen million will be wisely used to general juris prudence satisfaction.

What then? Might the individual donor have had an ‘aha’ moment and learned how to take back her power from the abuser? Or more importantly, did even one of the young Hollywood mothers discover HOW to teach her daughter to stand-up for herself? And did the father while he was donating to this new cause, make sure that his son is learning to respect himself and others?

How in heaven’s name will these donations be able to change the core of decency fundamentally in society or show our children how to live a healthy and productive life? I dare say that ONLY when we, the adults, take charge, take a long hard look at ourselves in the mirror and decisively start changing from within, will our children benefit.

My experience over decades as a Veteran Educator and Shamanic Life Coach has shown over and over again that reaching for someone’s soul is the onset of fundamentally transforming their life.

Having endured the unimaginable cruelty, coercion, and the loss of personal liberties during the division of my native country Germany (“My Peace of The Wall” Amazon), my most inner rebellion took place. I knew there had to be an out. Yes, those feelings of frustration, helplessness and emotional stress, were a struggle that put me on a journey to find myself. To my utter astonishment, I found myself by looking within.


Along that journey as a passionate teacher in classrooms of inner-city project schools in Norfolk, Virginia, I allowed myself to connect with the kids because I felt their soul’s poverty which I had plenty of during my formative years in Germany.

I was determined to give the children before me what they needed most: Love for Life, Self-Assurance, Love for Self and much more. “Reach a Child’s Soul-Transform a Life”.

Together with my students, I created an after school program against violence for which I was honored by former President Bill Clinton as a Nominee for the “President’s Service Award”.

Over the years, this school program developed into the Psst-Psst of Toley Ranz Stop Bullying (app), and Sedona Soul Balance, A spiritual Journey, garnering the 2016 and 2017 Global Award of Excellence (LTG Birmingham, UK). While several additional awards and honors arrived, I took charge of my spiritual growth helping others to help themselves, and changing lives as a Shamanic Life Coach (‘Give Your Soul a Gift’ Amazon).

Let’s face it: Bullying is an epidemic – From teasing in kindergarten to bullying in school, to domestic violence in families, and then to sexual harassment at work.

Do you want YOUR child to be part of that statistic? No? Or ‘hell’ NO?! Then get involved, and prevent your child from being part of the 70% of all children who are being bullied. Protect YOUR children and raise them with the Psst-psst of Toley Ranz (http://toleyranz.com).

Stand up for your Kids. I do.

Take a look at a constructive approach, watch the video about the 10-Point Honor Code, to strengthen children’s self-belief, and most of all, help kids to live without fear. Kids are ready to stand in their own power. THAT is the answer to conquering bullying: raising strong and self-assured children.

REAL change begins in your soul when you feel this strong desire to speak out, to stand up and not only for your SELF, but for others, too.

When your soul protests you’ll find the courage to speak out because the lack of decency has been disregarded, trampled into the ground and stomped on.

Don’t you feel helpless and almost paralyzed not knowing how to counter bullying because it has taken on the dimensions of an epidemic?

Stand up, take back your power.

Stop complaining!

Get involved!

I am here for you.

Anke Otto-Wolf Author/Creator of Toley Ranz Shamanic Life Coach Sedona Soul Balance

Ph: 928-254-1879

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