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SedonaSoulGiftGive Your Soul a Gift by Anke Otto-Wolf   (print) $13.50 (kindle) $6.97   BUY NOW Give Your Soul a Gift, is the delightful, down-to-earth companion book to Spiritual Awakening, guiding through the maze of 'What the heck is Spirituality?' It allows the reader to discover spiritual tools to live with Inner Harmony and Balance, and to eliminate Stress and Frustration. Step into Your own Power- embrace Native philosophy and Energy Healing. read more...   Front-coverThe Quilt Concept to Self-Growth and Soul Balance  reg. 15.26  $12.50 / Kindle $3.99                                         BUY NOW  A Quilt of Skills, Knowledge and Attitude - a down-to-earth guide for Parents and Teachers with Toley Ranz for classrooms and home  

MyPeaceofTheWallMy Peace of The Wall    $15.97 + s/h             BUY NOW

German-American Life shaped by cataclysmic events in World History.                        A chance meeting with a 'Raisin Bomber' (Berlin air Lift 1948) crew member in August 2009, contributed to 'Becoming Whole Again'. Born in Berlin, the author shares the darkness of having lived through WWII's nightly air raids in Berlin as a five year old, and consequently leaving her childhood behind. A gripping look at History experienced in divided Germany- this book is a personal journey through war, oppression, and dictatorship presented in captivating prose, gentle poems and touching vignettes.  

The Psst-psst of Toley Ranz 

How  Toley Ranz and YOU can deal with Bullies!

How Toley Ranz and YOU can deal with Bullies!

Hey kids, psst-psst ... it's me, Toley Ranz! Look, this children's book series is showing you how Tolerance, Kindness and Understanding for others make you strong and so much more liked by everyone around you! Wouldn't you like to be the popular kid, too? OK then, let's do it. Read how Sammie and his soccer friends discover their own strength, learn to accept each other and become a great bunch of friends.   The Essential Self-Esteem Tools Workbook Teachers and Parents! This work book is for you in the classroom and at home-building self-esteem and learning what tolerance is all about- let Toley Ranz help you. coming soon
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