Sedona Soul Balance – Soul Tours

Sedona Soul Balance Award Winner

Sedona Soul Balance- Award Winner

A Life Empowerment Experience

Discover Your Life’s Purpose

in Sedona

Experience the most amazing spiritual Transformation of a Lifetime - say'hello' to your future Self

An empowering combination for YOUR emotional Well-being! During Sedona Soul Tours on the land, Discover Your Life’s Purpose, and the new Shift in your Life...
  • Conquering and freeing you from lingering pains and hurts burdening your soul
  • Guiding you into Soul Re-Connections / Retrieval
  • Liberating you from heavy emotional burden through Energy Healing and learning to meet your needs for endless abundance and light
  • Embracing Introspection via Meditation & Visualization presenting a calming, lasting effect
  • Accepting Spiritual Awakening - saying ‘hello’ to your future Self and discovering what you REALLY want and learn how to manifest the practical skills to do so
    Outdoor Office

    Anke's Outdoor Office

Sedona SOUL Tours  An excursion on the land reaching into the core of longing and discovering one's own Self - opening up to insightful expertise - connecting with Nature's Energy and Self - releasing stress instigators - immersing in Native beliefs; Meditation / Visualization / Realization of own strength and practical problem solutions.
Sedona Soul Balance - Soul Tour Discover Your Life’s Purpose 2-hr Sedona Soul Tour - $165 per Person/2 persons $255 (add. person $50) Sedona Soul Balance - Soul Tour Self & Life-Empowerment 3-hr Sedona Soul Tour - $195 per Person / 2 persons $285 (add. person $50)

Individual 60-min Session with Anke $75

To schedule Soul Tours or Coaching Sessions, please, click here to contact Anke

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