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Sedona Soul Balance streams energy of feminine and masculine power. Everything is Energy. Sedona Soul Balance on energy- everything is energy, learn about your feminine and masculine energy, and its harmonizing power for your healthy life style. I am sure you have encountered situations in which you just don’t know what to do because you’re about to meet someone whom you truly don’t like from just being in his/her vicinity and you don’t even want to communicate with this person. You’re ok! Your energy is sending this message and you ought to listen to it. Now, your solar plexus is in uproar! Do we listen to those powerful feelings? No. And, honestly, how many times have you ignored that energy message and went against it and still had some kind of connection with this person? Tell me, how did it turn out? Yeah- that’s what I thought: negatively. It is time to pay attention to ourselves, to our own innate energy and its power to guide us! Learn to listen to your solar plexus. Your energy never lies to you. Become aware of that YOUR power. Every step you take within this soul journey is leading you to healthy, productive, ‘feel-good’ decisions and YOU change your life filling it with joy, inner peace and understanding of Self. Masculine and Feminine Energy... Read on, click here
About Anke OttoWolf

About the Author Anke Buffalo Feather Otto-Wolf
Anke is the founder of "Sedona Soul Balance", successfully embracing proven personal growth methods, and intertwining those with the ancient wisdom of Native Traditions and Ceremonies in manifesting Nature's Energy and Spiritual Balance to Self-Belief and Self-Power.
Now residing in Sedona, Arizona, Anke "Buffalo Feather" presents insightful spiritual life coaching sessions strongly influenced by her studies and expertise in Native Philosophy and Energy Healing. As an Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Advisor, as well as Jack Canfield trained Personal Growth Expert, Anke leaves a profound mark on the field of spirituality. Her German academic background, studies in human behavior, art and music, and world religions, as well as her work with at-risk inner city kids for which President Clinton honored her, are invaluable insights to Soul-Balance seekers from around the globe.
Anke's specialty is guiding individuals through the maze of metaphysical information, introduce them to visualizations / meditation, and present a down-to-earth approach to soul-esteem balance 'tools' for every day. 'Stepping into your own Power' means to feel, find, know and be one's own Self.

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