Sedona Soul Balance- Life Purpose Online Academy

Women's Value & Empowerment

Women's Value & Empowerment

Sedona Soul Balance- Life Purpose Online Academy Course specializes in Women's Empowerment, Enhancement of Life's Quality and teach Practical Life Skills. Learn to understand your innate knowledge of strength and how our spirited online Courses help you to embrace Life Transformation and Self-Realization An Enlightened Journey

Sedona Soul Balance- Life Purpose Online Academy AT HOME!  THE perfect place for Women of all ages to Discover HOW to Ditch Guilt, Blame, Shame  for good!

You'll empower yourself in the privacy of your home; create the space where no one peeks over your shoulder, criticizes or disturbs you while you gather the practical and spiritual skills to Self-Empowerment, high Self-Esteem, and Self-Responsibility.

The Woman of NOW- Ditching Guilt, Blame, Shame - Women know Your Value!

Embrace Your inner Strength! Learn HOW to Regain Self-Empowerment, how to balance Your Soul for emotional Independence, and how to rebuild the Strength to stand up for what YOU truly believe in! We're taking a look at refusing to take the blame, and we WILL surely not feel Shame any longer for others' inability to cope.

ONLINE courses and the FREE WWWW "WorldWideWomenWebinar" and Skype sessions are here!

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