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Sedona Soul Balance Life Empowerment Coaching leads you to become "un-stuck"! Then, discover Your Truth and be in control of your Life, Live with Inner Harmony and eliminate Stress - Open your Heart and Mind. We help and assist you in • Discovering your own healing Power eliminating worries, fears, anger • Creating Soul Balance through Soul Retrieval • Getting 'un-stuck', filling the void and living with joy and purpose • Embracing and learning to eliminate Stress and Frustration • Welcoming the Tools & Skill to avoid Conflict and learn practical Problem Solution Life Coaching Sessions in the Convenience of your Home $75.00 1-hr session on Skype or Phone (prepay 3 sessions $195, save $30) Anke Buffalo Feather guides gently to Spiritual Awakening and Metaphysical Clarity into Self-Fulfillment providing an overview to empowering Strategies for a stress-free life leading to solutions in relationship difficulties. For more information, please, contact Anke at
Anke Buffalo Feather

Anke Buffalo Feather


Read what others say: “I just love the teachings.....examples.....practices....methods to help give my soul a gift. Anke is a gift....her wisdom permeates .....passages from her powerful words of wisdom. If you practice..believe from your heart the will transform and your soul will be grateful. “… Spiritual Sunrise Tour made Sedona THE absolute experience of our US vacation… Anke’s gift to heal and share is powerful.”  Rhoda S., UK READ more
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