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... everyone can exchange the darkness in the heart and soul with brilliant light and emotional freedom, and transform dreams into passionate actions in life. Mind you we are NOT talking about pills! We’re talking about practical life skills taught by a life coach. A Life Coach is a person who helps you to make the most of your life by coaching you through changes in your life. Traits of a successful Life Coach are being a superb listener, and having the gift to unearth the answers within the client by using powerful coaching tools, and allowing the client’s inner wisdom to find the right solution. A Life Coach assesses the client’s practical, functional, and essential skills to master everyday life and to find a purposeful path to convey knowledge and solutions; therefore, isn’t a teacher, counselor, a parent or a manager- a life coach? Do you identify with those qualities? Then expand your profession and add the Transcendent Path Training  so you soulfully open the minds and hearts for lasting success.
About Anke OttoWolf

About the Author Anke Buffalo Feather Otto-Wolf
Anke is the founder of "Sedona Soul Balance", successfully embracing proven personal growth methods, and intertwining those with the ancient wisdom of Native Traditions and Ceremonies in manifesting Nature's Energy and Spiritual Balance to Self-Belief and Self-Power.
Now residing in Sedona, Arizona, Anke "Buffalo Feather" presents insightful spiritual life coaching sessions strongly influenced by her studies and expertise in Native Philosophy and Energy Healing. As an Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Advisor, as well as Jack Canfield trained Personal Growth Expert, Anke leaves a profound mark on the field of spirituality. Her German academic background, studies in human behavior, art and music, and world religions, as well as her work with at-risk inner city kids for which President Clinton honored her, are invaluable insights to Soul-Balance seekers from around the globe.
Anke's specialty is guiding individuals through the maze of metaphysical information, introduce them to visualizations / meditation, and present a down-to-earth approach to soul-esteem balance 'tools' for every day. 'Stepping into your own Power' means to feel, find, know and be one's own Self.

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