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Give Your Soul a Gift  is the delightful, down-to-earth companion book to Spiritual Awakening, guiding through the maze of 'What the heck is Spirituality?' It allows the reader to discover spiritual tools to live with Inner Harmony and Balance, and to eliminate Stress and Frustration. Step into Your own Power- embrace Native philosophy and Energy Healing.

Give Your Soul a Gift allows you to experience a down-to-earth Approach to Living a healthy, productive Life; improving relationships; leaving Inadequacy and lack of Self-Confidence behind! Give Your Soul a Gift is Anke Buffalo Feather Otto-Wolf's fascinating book; she is the founder of "Sedona Soul Balance", successfully embracing proven personal growth methods intertwined with the ancient wisdom of American Native Traditions and Ceremonies in manifesting Nature's Energy and Spiritual Balance to Self-Belief and Self-Power. Anke has the profound gift to clarify, guide, de-mystify the maze of metaphysical information by introducing how going back to basics such as seeking stillness and quiet introspective, leads to inner balance and clarity. Give Your Soul a Gift (print) $13.50 (kindle) $6.97 BUY NOW Here are 5-Star Amazon reviews: "Anke's book on gifting your Soul provides the tools and direction to assist you on your Spiritual Awakening Journey. She is authentic and down-to-earth in her guidance to living a more balanced, stress-free life. There is powerful Native American wisdom throughout the book to instill a feeling of energy healing for the soul through Nature. This book has changed my life by helping me step into my own power and live my Truth. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in Spirituality and wanting to experience a more fulfilled dance of life." Lanna "ShadowWolf" READ MORE
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