Sedona Soul Balance Global Award Winner


The Americas Award 2016

-Soul- Tour Operator of the Year - Arizona

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Sedona Soul Balance Award Winner

Sedona Soul Balance Award Winner

Celebrating the win of this prestigious Award from the Luxury Travel Guide, Birmingham UK , designed for the International, affluent Traveler- we present special discounts of 10% to 25% regarding our  Soul Tours, Individual Sessions, full Day Sessions/Training . please contact Anke 928-254-1879 or mail her at

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Sedona Soul Balance, Women of NOW- your Soul in History

She ditched Guilt, Blame, Shame

She ditched Guilt, Blame, Shame

Sedona Soul Balance

Women of NOW- your Soul in History

A Woman’s Soul in History – How Stepping into Own Power liberates her Soul Sedona Soul Balance believes firmly that every year is the year of the women -- The feminine is on the raise. Let’s unleash this power and together with those men who honor their own femininity, we bring about harmony, calmness and joy. Point out that Native, Indigenous Philosophy and belief holds women in high esteem, respects her and values her input in every way. What a role model. Even though we focus on the future we ought not forget the fact that women have been blamed for everything; beginning with the ‘sin’ all the way to present political situations. Every woman’s soul has been burdened with guilt and blame throughout the two millennia; and longer at that. Don’t we sometimes wonder why we are sad or melancholy and even cry for no apparent reason? Women’s Spirit and Soul had been put down for ages, kept in oppression not to bloom and not to have any signs of strength or creativity. Guilt, blame and shame are the weapons used to control women. And this knowledge weighs heavily on the soul. • A ‘rich’ History of disbelieving women • Blaming women for all that was/is wrong • Even the so called original ‘sin’ is a woman’s fault • Accusing women of being ‘bad’ though men use force • Denying basic rights- work and pay equality • Sole blame for teenage pregnancies • Pointing out unworthiness is an ugly, degrading tool within history
No more fear and ballast of the past – I am free. Stand up for who you are and do not any longer feel shame, carry guilt and reject blame! BE who you ARE. Your soul is speaking to you! Free your Soul, celebrate your SELF and satisfy this agonizing hunger for more. And thank you to the men who embrace their feminine side and support women wholeheartedly.

Women of NOW- Ditching Guilt, Blame, Shame

This 11-Lecture Course is the answer for every woman who seeks to be free of historic ballast and emotional burden. Join the countless women from all over the globe who have stepped into their own power and gained personal independence fulfilling their life with love and positive energy.

Sedona Soul Balance- Women’s Empowerment

Sedona Soul Balance- Women's Empowerment Sedona Soul Balance- Life Purpose Online Academy Courses specialize in Women's Empowerment, Enhancement of Life's Quality and teach Practical Life Skills. Enhancement of Life's Quality and teach Practical Life Skills. Learn to understand your innate knowledge of strength and how our spirited online Courses help you to embrace Life Transformation and Self-Realization!

Sedona Soul Balance- Life Purpose Online Academy AT HOME!  THE perfect place for Women of all ages to Learn and Discover HOW to Ditch Guilt, Blame, Shame for good!

Sedona Soul Balance- Women's Empowerment- You'll empower yourself in the privacy of your home; create the space where no one peeks over your shoulder, criticizes or disturbs you while you gather the practical and spiritual skills to Self-Empowerment, high Self-Esteem, and Self-Responsibility.

The Woman of NOW- Ditching Guilt, Blame, Shame - Women know Your Value!

Embrace Your inner Strength! Learn HOW to Regain Self-Empowerment, how to balance Your Soul for emotional Independence, and how to rebuild the Strength to stand up for what YOU truly believe in! We're taking a look at refusing to take the blame, and we WILL surely not feel Shame any longer for others' inability to cope.
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Sedona Soul Balance and the Woman of NOW

Sedona Soul Balance and the Woman of NOW

present "The Woman of NOW-  Ditching Guilt, Blame, Shame"

purplebutterffly Knowing Your Value of Purpose and Healing Knowing your Value means knowing what you value most about yourself. It’s really about where you place your own worth, not where others think and say you should place it; and- standing up for that, owning it- and knowing its marketplace value, too. WHAT DO YOU VALUE MOST ABOUT YOUR SELF?

Sedona Soul Balance on Energy

Sedona Soul Balance streams energy of feminine and masculine power. Everything is Energy. Sedona Soul Balance on energy- everything is energy, learn about your feminine and masculine energy, and its harmonizing power for your healthy life style. I am sure you have encountered situations in which you just don’t know what to do because you’re about to meet someone whom you truly don’t like from just being in his/her vicinity and you don’t even want to communicate with this person. You’re ok! Your energy is sending this message and you ought to listen to it. Now, your solar plexus is in uproar! Do we listen to those powerful feelings? No. And, honestly, how many times have you ignored that energy message and went against it and still had some kind of connection with this person? Tell me, how did it turn out? Yeah- that’s what I thought: negatively. It is time to pay attention to ourselves, to our own innate energy and its power to guide us! Learn to listen to your solar plexus. Your energy never lies to you. Become aware of that YOUR power. Every step you take within this soul journey is leading you to healthy, productive, ‘feel-good’ decisions and YOU change your life filling it with joy, inner peace and understanding of Self. Masculine and Feminine Energy... Read on, click here


Sedona Soul Balance-

embrace the world
embrace the world


Did you know that a LIFE COACH is a person who - helps you to make the most of your life - coaches / walks you through changes in your life - advises in career change or even "empty nest" syndrome - knows how to get you ‘unstuck’ and find direction - assists you in finding meaning in life after kids have left home - helps to pinpoint obstacles that keep you from achieving goals - supports you to overcome those obstacles - aids you to have a personal, very powerful vision - instills positive thinking and behavioral patterns - guides from being judgmental to living with empathy - leads you into the development of a profound recovery strategy - assists in manifesting newly acquired skills and tools I am Anke Buffalo Feather, your Life Coach- I KNOW to ask the right questions and have the right tools and techniques to empower you to find the answers within yourself. You need to awaken your own energy and self-power! So, let’s do this together- I am here for you.

Sedona Soul Balance BLOG

Sedona Soul Balance LIFE PURPOSE online ACADEMY

Launching Life Purpose Academy
Launching Life Purpose Academy




Monday August 3, 2015

Launching this exciting adventure with a LifePurpose101 course

* Do what you feel: Transform your life! * Refresh your Self-Awareness * Unearth your innate Self-Power Links, details, information you'll find RIGHT HERE as soon as the Academy's doors are open!

Sedona Soul Balance BLOG

Sedona Soul Balance BLOG Sedona Soul Balance Information & Reportspurplebutterffly

Did you know that

... everyone can exchange the darkness in the heart and soul with brilliant light and emotional freedom, and transform dreams into passionate actions in life. Mind you we are NOT talking about pills! We’re talking about practical life skills taught by a life coach. A Life Coach is a person who helps you to make the most of your life by coaching you through changes in your life. Traits of a successful Life Coach are being a superb listener, and having the gift to unearth the answers within the client by using powerful coaching tools, and allowing the client’s inner wisdom to find the right solution. A Life Coach assesses the client’s practical, functional, and essential skills to master everyday life and to find a purposeful path to convey knowledge and solutions; therefore, isn’t a teacher, counselor, a parent or a manager- a life coach? Do you identify with those qualities? Then expand your profession and add the Transcendent Path Training  so you soulfully open the minds and hearts for lasting success.

Transformation and new Shoes

Don't you feel sometimes that you need a new outlook on Life?
embrace the world

embrace the world

Want to transform your daily routine? Bring more joy into a relationship? Tired of trying all kinds of methods, including a therapist!? and nothing seems to bring any results or changes? I hear you- now hear me: Let me help you understand and manifest that any transformation or change comes from the healing power of your soul. Therefore, let's first recognize that we've gotta feed your soul! What are you waiting for? Bring Spring Time into your emotions, embrace beauty and joy. Here is my suggestion: Don't miss this one-time SPRING JOY offer: Two sessions chose phone or skype, $70 (ea.$35) reg.$130 - a savings of $60 for your new shoes! Just think- when we're hungry we eat; when we're thirsty we drink and when our feet hurt, we buy new shoes. But when our soul hurts or our emotions are heavy- we don't spend a dime. Now you can get both! Contact Anke at 928-254-1879 or See You!

Essential Women’s Empowerment Tools


in adaptation of the National Movement with   SedonaSpiritualGuidance                                     Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC

Thursday May 14, 2015 6:00PM-8:30PM, Fee $25 Be more powerful and effective, discover- HOW to incorporate body language POWER TOOLS HOW to improve self-perception of Vocal Distinctions HOW to unearth the Purpose in Your Life HOW to live without guilt, shame, blame! HOW to manifest the Purpose and permanent formidable shifts in your Life Women of Sedona and Verde Valley and Everywhere, do not miss this amazing Event! Move past fears, overcome challenges, and get in touch with your spiritual Self! For more information, please contact: Anke Otto-Wolf, Presenter 928-254-1879                        or email to:
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