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SedonaSoulEsteemHi Kids, psst-psst, it's me-  Toley Ranz! Let me tell you a few cool things HOW you can conquer the bullies in school or at play. HOW? Well, why don't we start with the "10-Point Honor Code"?  Click here -  it'll take you to my U-Tube channel, cool eh?

ToleyRanzThe Psst-psst of Toley Ranz books
How Toley Ranz and YOU can deal with Bullies!

How Toley Ranz and YOU can deal with Bullies!

Dear Parents, this children's book series teaches tolerance, builds self-esteem in children, and gives them the tools to stand-up to bullies. When 'kids are stuck' and feel helpless,  the whimsical character Toley Ranz appears sounding a 'Psst-psst' representing the child's inner voice; and that sound assists in finding answers and solutions. Kids also learn how to share their knowledge of tolerance, compassion and understanding with others. That in return strengthens their self-image and self-power. Toley Ranz is a powerful applications for school and home.

"Reach a Child's Soul - Change a Life"  

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